Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Nieuport 17 Kit No. 403

World War I Biplane

While most recently starring in the movie "Fly Boys" the Nieuport 17 got its start in the skies over France back in 1916! Though not a true biplane the Nieuport's "sesquiplane" (one and a half wing) configuration combined the strength and maneuverability of a biplane with the speed of a monoplane to create one of the most successful fighters of the First World War as demonstrated in the Fly Boys movie!

This Stunning 1/3 scale has all of the performance and glory of the original Nieuport 17!!


Wing Span: 107 3/8 inches
Wing Area: 2775 sq. in.
Wing Loading: 24 1/2 - 26 1/2 oz./sq. ft.
Flying Weight: 26-30 lbs.
Fuselage Length: 82 Inches
Height: 32 inches
Engine Size: 40-50 cc Gasoline
                   2.4 to 3.0 cu/in. Glow
Cowl Diametre: 13 1/2 Inches
Center of Gravity: 5-7/8 inches back from the leading edge of the Top Wing on Center.

Control Throws:
Elevator: 2 inches up and down.
Rudder: 2-3/4 inches left and right (or all you can get!)
Ailerons: 1-3/4 inches up and down.
Aileron Differential: 2 inches up and 1 inch down (differential recommended).

Top Wing: +1-2 Degrees
Bottom Wing: -1-0.0 Degrees
Tail: 0.0 Degrees
Engine Thrust Line: 2 Degrees DOWN, 1-2 Degrees RIGHT.

Kit Features

Full Size Rolled Plans and Instructions
Name Brand Hardware
Separate "Plug in" Wing Panels (4) with Aluminium Joiner Tubes
Custom Made Steel Fittings
Functional Flying Wires
Prebent Wire Landing Gear and Cabane Struts
Bungee Cord Suspension on Main Gear

Brand BUSA

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