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The Vaterra brand was only launched in early-2013, but it has already made a huge impact in the world of RC cars. Widely-regarded for their scale vehicles such as the Nissan GTR RC car, Vaterra is an excellent choice if you are in the market for slick RC drift cars.

Vaterra have always been an innovative brand, pioneering cutting-edge technology such as Active Vehicle Control (AVC) to make powerful vehicles easier to handle. Coupled with high-quality components, Vaterra cars are always great to drive.

Modelflight has a broad range of parts and accessories to support all Vaterra vehicles. So irrespective of whether you want an electric RC truck or car, Vaterra has a broad range that will appeal to the adventure-seeking driver.

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Vaterra 12mm Wheel Hex Set SLK

Vaterra 12mm Wheel Hex Set SLK


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Vaterra Hinge Pin, Rear Lower Track Rod (2) TWH
67% OFF RRP $2.99
Vaterra Rear Suspension Track Rod Mounts TWH
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Vaterra Rr Shk Spring, Soft, Yel (2) TWH
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Vaterra Shock Ends and Cups (4) TWH
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Vaterra Slip Spring Cup & Retainer TWH
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