A Guide To RC Planes For Beginners

An RC plane is basically a model aircraft that can be flown in the air and controlled using a hand-held device known as a transmitter. For many RC enthusiasts, flying remote-controlled planes is a truly enjoyable hobby because it provides a totally different experience compared to RC cars and other ground-based models.

Getting into the hobby of RC planes is relatively easy and straightforward. After all, it basically just involves getting your own RC aircraft kit. However, in order to make it an enjoyable experience, there are a few factors that you have to look into first. Doing so will help you choose the perfect type of RC plane for you.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the basic topics you need to consider when it comes to getting your first RC plane.


Type of Aircraft

The first thing that you have to think about is the type of model aircraft that you want to get. Nowadays, there are various RC planes to choose from. Some of the most common ones you can get include Warbirds, gliders, sport planes, jets, and float planes.

If you’re looking to fly a classic-looking model, you can get a balsa wood RC plane kit. But, if you want to go for a more modern approach, you can also purchase an RC fighter jet model, such as the F35 Jet from FMS Models.

Although you have the option to select any type of RC plane model that you prefer, many advanced RC enthusiasts recommend getting a trainer plane first if you’re just starting out in this hobby. This type of RC aircraft has certain features that help guide first-time flyers while gaining the necessary piloting experience. For instance, the dihedral structure and high wing placement of most RC trainer planes allow these models to self-correct mid-flight when they encounter problems such as strong winds.


Available Channels

In the world of RC, a channel refers to the signal path for each type of message that the transmitter sends to the receiver. Most RC planes have multiple channels, which allow the users to control the aircraft’s various features and functions.

Toy-grade planes typically have two channels, while hobby-grade models have four channels or more. In most cases, the four-channel configuration is designed to control the roll, pitch, thrust, and yaw. Generally, the more channels an RC plane has, the more complicated it is to control and fly.

If you’re a beginner, it’s highly recommended to start with toy-grade RC planes or those with few channels. As you build up your experience and confidence as an RC enthusiast, you can start transitioning to flying multi-channel models.


Construction Type

Most RC planes are generally labeled as ARF, RTF, and PNP. These designations, which respectively stand for Almost-Ready-to-Fly, Ready-To-Fly, and Plug-and-Play, represent the level of work or construction that hobbyists need to perform in order to get an RC aircraft in the air.

In addition to assembling the main body, most ARF planes also require additional components before they can be flown. These include an extra battery, a servo, and a motor. Due to the nature of ARF models, they provide users with more control regarding the overall construction of their models.

Although PNP planes are already pre-assembled, users still need to have certain components before they can play with their RC aircraft. Usually, PNP models do not come with their own batteries and transmitters.

RTF planes are the ideal RC kits for beginners since they can be flown right out of the box. They do not require assembly or additional components.


Power Source

Another important factor that you have to think about is whether you prefer to use an electric RC aircraft or a petrol-based one. Both types of power sources provide enjoyable flying experiences. They also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Basically, batteries for RC planes, which are lithium polymer (Li-Po), are relatively cheap and light, which makes them a perfect choice especially if you’re looking to fly small RC aircraft models.

Aircraft with petrol engines, on the other hand, have more power, which is ideal for large RC planes. The additional power from petrol can also be used for the plane’s other features.

Once you’re ready to get your first RC plane, make sure to get in touch with Albury RC Models & Hobbies. Aside from their wide range of RC aircraft model kits, they also have the necessary accessories, components, and tools to help you get started with this fun hobby.


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