RCDroidBox allows real-time monitoring and recording of telemetry data transferred using JETI Duplex or Duplex EX protocol. The system consists of both hardware and a software part. The hardware is the actual RCDroidBox Bluetooth adapter and the software is an application running on a device with the Android operating system, such as cell phone or tablet.

The application is available free of charge on Google Play - JATAYA - RCDroidBox. For active use the RCDroidBox has to be connected to a battery 4V-15V with the correct polarity and to the Ext. connector of the RC transmitter or transmitter module.

For the whole system to function properly both your RC Transmitter and receiver must support JETI Duplex or JETI Duplex EX. The RCDroidBox and the RC transmitter must be connected together using the three-pin Ext. connector. The connector on the transmitter is the one which would otherwise be used for JETIBOX terminal. The correct orientation of the connector is depicted both on RCDroidBox and on the transmitter. The connection is realized using a three-wire cable with a standard servo -connector on both sides. A separate power supply from battery 4V-15V with the correct polarity and voltage needs to be connected to the RCDroidBox battery connector. The final component is the cell phone or tablet running both the operating system Android (2.3.3 or higher) and the RCDroidBox application.


Description of RCDroidBox and transmitter connection
To make a successful installation of the RCDroidBox, it is necessary to carry out following steps:

  • Connect RCDroidBox Ext. connector to the Ext. connector of the transmitter module.
  • Connect a separate battery power 4V-15V to the DroidBox power connector.
  • Mechanically fasten the battery and the RCDroidBox to the transmitter.

For connecting Bluetooth adapter and the transmitter module, 30cm connecting cable is delivered with the product. The polarity is indicated both on the side of the RCDroidBox, and on the side of the transmitter module. Select the power battery to your discretion. In the photo below NiMH 600 mAh, 1/3 AA battery is used. Such a battery has a reasonable size for fitting to the RC transmitter, and the RCDroidBox will work approximately for 15 hours.


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How to properly orient thRCDroidBox on the transmitter
For mechanical installation on the body of the RC transmitter use double-sided adhesive tape. Orient the device according to the following recommendations:

  • In normal position of the RC transmitter, the RCDroidBox should be directed longer side perpendicular to the ground.
  • The label should be oriented away from the user.
  • Upper two-thirds of the RCDroidBox should be located out of the transmitter silhouette.

Following the above guidelines will maximize the effective range of the Bluetooth connection. For transmitters with plastic body, it is not necessary to insist on strict compliance with all of the above points. In case you use the transmitter with a metal body, keeping the recommended installation is necessary.

Power Supply
The RCDroidBox mus be power supplied from a separate battery. We strongly recommend sticking to the prescribed connection of the RCDroidBox when installing. We believe that the new possibilities brought by the use of the RCDroidBox balance the worries about the additional battery.The RCDroidBox is also fitted with features that ensure user comfort even when running on a separate power supply. This includes the following functions.:

  • Monitoring the power supply
    In the main telemetry display, you have a possibility to display not only the values of the connected sensors but also a voltage of the RCDroidBox battery.With this variable, it is possible to work in the same way as with other values, and therefore you can assign a report alarm or display a value in the text box.
  • LiPo batteries protection
    If powering the RCDroidBox from LiPo batteries, you do not have to worry about their damage.The RCDroidBox displays a warning when the voltage is less than 3.4V per cell. In case the voltage drops below 3.2V, the cell is automatically switched off.
  • Adjustable battery protection
    You can also choose your own level of voltage at which the device will display a warning and personal level for switching off.
  • Power saving mode
    In case the Bluetooth or the telemetry input (Ext.) are not active for more than 20 minutes, the RCDroidBox goes into the sleep mode and minimizes its consumption.


img img
img img
Weight [g]
Dimensions [mm]
38 x 20 x 7
Operational temperature [°C]
-15 ... 50
Supply Voltage [V]
4 ... 15
Average Current [mA]
Brand Jeti Model

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