The latest sports aerobatic model from Black Horse, the Sputnik, is designed for use with either IC or electric power from the start. Both types of power source are accomodated in the kit.

Being laser cut from selected balsa and ply parts, the Sputnik is exceptionally light and strong. That light weight and generous side area make a fully aerobatic sports model thatcan deliver stunning perfomance in any attitude

A tough aluminium undercarriage soaks up the roughness of grass field operation and the forgiving flight nature ensures that she can be operated from most club patches, no matter how small.

Add a stunning colour scheme in durable Oracover and it is easy to see why many club fields will see the Sputnik during the coming season.

Wingspan 1320mm (51.97in)
Length 1240mm (48.82in)
Weight 1.9Kg (4.18lbs)
Servos 4 - 5 servos
Radio System 4/5 Channel
IC Engine .25 - .32 2-Stroke
S/C Rec 50A
LiPo Recommended Hi-Energy 4S 3200mAh 25C



SKU BH-200
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg

Black Horse Sputnik

By: on 9 May 2021
Upon opening the box I saw an attractive colour scheme of model but closer inspection showed the covering was finished at the top of fuselage with a seam. also covering was sticky on the inside, and my experience is that this type of covering after 1-2 years goes brittle and splits, I had to recover one plane, but it seems tough enough but will it last? I hope I am wrong. But what I can see aircraft is well made, two wing halves came together with a tube brace and peg to locate wing. I had to dress one servo aileron mount so servo would fit flat, wing fitted perfectly onto fuselage, one wing bolt would not start ran a tap in plastic nut to fix. All control surfaces have one half of hinges glued in. Next was the fuselage fitted tailplane and servos and controls, found in instructions to have plastic covers where control wires come out of side of fuselage but none were found in box. Fitted engine mounts to bulkhead found to be vee shape so had to sand and file to make them parallel. The engine cowl and canopy and wheel spats are first quality very well made. This was my first ARF I had to glue in pilot and canopy but no big deal. The wheel spats house two large wheels, when I drilled holes for wheel axle I drilled as low as possible so to expose as much wheel as possible, because we have a grass runway, the axle bolt is a large one and need to drill a large hole in spat to accept a large head of axle bolt leaving a large hole in outside of spat so I used some cut out to cover holes in side of spat. The undercarriage is well made and strong and powder coated. The fuel tank pipes have one bent up for fill or muffler pressure which is handy to have done. Balance of aircraft upside down on wings was perfect did not have to move anything or add weight and added 5grms to right wing tip to fix horizontal balance. First flight was great it tracked straight no dance on grass strip needed two clicks of up elevator and one click to left for ailerons for level flight. I found the aileron control was very touchy need to reduce throws, and on landing had a good glide and sink but need to control elevator early in glide to strip to level out instead of leaving it to a bit later. I used an os 46 engine with a 11x4 prop. A great model and Price.

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